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Help And Hope For Those Injured In Atlanta’s Traffic

As a major metropolitan area that also serves as a juncture of crossroads in the southeastern United States, Atlanta – along with its surrounding communities – is the scene of a great many car, truck and motorcycle crashes on a regular basis. A serious collision may happen on an interstate highway, a major city thoroughfare, a street in a quiet neighborhood or an off-road location, such as a parking lot. When serious injuries occur, the event becomes a legal as well as a medical emergency.

To protect your rights after a collision in traffic anywhere in or around the metro area, get legal advice promptly. Our lead attorney at Buck Rogers Law emphasizes the importance of a prompt investigation to launch an effective injury or wrongful death claim or lawsuit. We gather detailed input from experts, allowing attorney Rogers to analyze facts to prepare to persuasively represent someone with severe or catastrophic injuries caused by a car crash.

What We Need To Know To Build A Strong Case For You

As part of accident reconstruction, we will comb through evidence looking for information about:

  • Which driver(s) committed traffic violations and what types
  • Which car parts may have been defective
  • Whether alcohol consumption by another driver leads to a dram shop case versus a bar or restaurant that served the inebriated person before the accident
  • What environmental factors, such as tree branches obscuring stop signs, may have contributed to the incident
  • What doctors’ projections are for physical recovery
  • What losses and costs have been incurred by the injured and immediate family members

As a signature strength of Buck Rogers Law, we take no shortcuts while uncovering the causes of a crash resulting in serious or fatal injuries. We know from experience that a well-documented case can convince an insurer or another liable party to pay a proper settlement. When this doesn’t happen, trial lawyer Rogers is then ready to take a case before a judge and jury, delivering powerful courtroom presentations.

The Goal: Fair Compensation And Support For The Future

Compensation after a car crash should ideally cover medical expenses, lost wage replacement, and pain and suffering. When an injured person or their close family members choose Buck Rogers Law for personal injury representation, we help them pursue an ample compensation package.

To get your car wreck injury or wrongful death claim started, call 404-999-2737 or send an email inquiry.