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Compensation For The Injured In The Atlanta Area

After a serious or catastrophic injury or a fatality, the road to full and fair compensation for the affected person or family can be long. However, it is a road worth traveling when someone’s future with disabilities or family law is on the line. At Buck Rogers Law, clients often become like family before the conclusion of a personal injury case. At the same time, clients come to appreciate our firm’s position as a source of information, direction and advocacy in the pursuit of compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Related costs such as transportation to top-notch medical centers, therapy and disability accommodations

Led by attorney Buck Rogers, our firm is a known authority in dram shop law, truck wrecks and negligent security and other injury scenarios.

Handling A Full Range Of Common And Uncommon Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Cases

The firm also serves as a source of support for people injured or bereaved because of:

  • Bus, train and other public transportation incidents resulting in harm to people
  • Car, motorcycle or truck wrecks
  • Distracted driving, drunk driving and dram shop cases
  • Injuries and deaths caused by dangerous and defective products
  • Hazing injuries such as alcohol poisoning, blunt-force trauma, quadriplegia and death involving forced alcohol consumption or other dangerous activities occurring under intense social pressure and attempted coverups in fraternities, sororities and other groups of college students
  • Brutal attacks and bites by vicious dogs uncontrolled by their owners or keepers

What people sometimes call accidents are often revealed to be the logical consequences of gross and willful negligence and worse by others. Our investigative team is diligent to discover the causes of our clients’ crashes and other incidents resulting in serious injuries and preventable deaths.

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Regardless of how an injury happened, a prompt investigation can make the difference between a successful and less-than-successful outcome. Learn firsthand about the personalized, aggressive representation on behalf of injured people in and around Atlanta that our head lawyer and staff are known for.

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