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When Negligent Security Leads To Serious Injuries Or Deaths

After an assault leaves someone catastrophically injured or takes someone’s life, questions that demand answers include the following:

  • Who owns, maintains and manages the property?
  • Did they know about, and accordingly prepare for, threats or risks of violence in the areas?
  • Were security guards, surveillance cameras and other commonsense security provisions in place?
  • Did the owner or managers remove hazards or repair defects to provide greater security to people living in, working in or visiting a parking garage, parking lot, hallway or other areas available to the public?

The details differ from one incident and location to another but the legal response needs to be thorough and persistent. At Buck Rogers Law, our lead attorney and supporting staff and experts diligently review all facts to uncover holes in security that allowed unsafe elements, whether people or things, to put people’s well-being in danger unnecessarily.

Our Investigations Are Thorough And Our Advocacy Is Determined

Clients of Buck Rogers Law have our highest respect as fellow Georgians or other human beings injured in our state. We never consider clients to be case numbers or commodities. Rather, they are our neighbors who often entrust their futures to our care as we pursue the compensation they need to overcome serious injuries and the deaths of next-of-kin due to negligent security.

Learn about the differences our Atlanta area clients experience in our personal injury and premises liability law practice: experience, attentiveness, diligence and determination to turn things around for people who have suffered great losses. Call 404-999-2737 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation regarding a potential premises liability case.