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Wrongful Death Claims For Affected Next-Of-Kin After A Fatal Crash

Losing a loved one anytime is disorienting, and when the cause of death is a car wreck or another incident involving someone else’s negligence, a family’s losses can be extra difficult. A spouse, parents, children and other close family members must suddenly grapple with losses and liabilities, including:

  • Final medical expenses
  • The loss of income that the deceased person previously contributed
  • The loss of love and companionship
  • Loss of a deceased parent’s nurturing of minor children
  • The loss of the decedent’s practical services in their household

When negligence can be proven, a wrongful death claim or lawsuit can help bring compensation to a family. Eligibility to pursue a wrongful death case usually belongs, in order or priority, to:

  • A spouse
  • Minor children
  • Parents
  • The executor of the person’s estate

If there is any question about your qualifications for bringing a wrongful death claim after a death by negligence in Georgia, consult with an attorney at Buck Rogers Law in Atlanta. Mr. Rogers, a trial lawyer with almost three decades of experience, will confirm whether you have the correct relationship for filing a claim or lawsuit.

Work With Our Determined Investigative Team After A Loved One’s Fatal Accident

If you are a client of Buck Rogers Law after a fatal truck wreck or another incident involving a loved one, we will, first, respect your family’s time of mourning. We realize you may be focusing on a funeral, burial and remembering the one who died. At the same time, we can get to work behind the scenes gathering evidence and preparing to bring a wrongful death claim on your behalf. Our firm is known for thorough, effective investigations after car and motorcycle crashes and other fatal incidents.

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