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Skillful Advocacy For Injured Motorcyclists In The Atlanta Area

A motorcycle accident can be difficult to reconstruct. Was a biker really “weaving in and out of lanes,” as motorists often claim after striking motorcyclists? They sometimes say they did not see a motorcycle before colliding with it. In other cases, there are no collisions at all. Investigations often prove that drivers of cars and trucks fail to yield and force motorcycles out of their rightful lanes.

To prove who was negligent after a motorcyclist is seriously injured or killed, attorney Rogers of Buck Rogers Law leads detailed investigations.

Finding Out What Caused A Motorcycle Crash

Evidence leading to a successful motorcycle accident claim may include one or more of the following::

  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Skid marks and damage to cars and motorcycles
  • Police reports
  • Surveillance videos
  • Driving records
  • Toxicology reports verifying whether someone responsible for a crash had drug or alcohol blood content

Once the causes of a motorcycle crash are confirmed, Mr. Rogers prepares to prove liability. He overcomes biases against motorcyclists with hardcore facts about how a motorcycle wreck really happened. He persuasively demonstrates to insurance claims adjusters, judges or juries why a liable party, such as the driver of a car or truck that struck a motorcycle, should compensate the injured.

About The Injuries

Ultimately, attorney Rogers fights to recover the compensation that an injured person or surviving family members will need to put their lives back on track. Injuries from a motorcycle wreck are often serious, catastrophic or fatal. An injured motorcyclist may need extensive therapy and personal care.

After a fatal accident, a surviving spouse, children or parents may experience significant hardship. They may be unable to work again. Life will often be very different ever after, but with proper compensation, newfound dignity and purpose are within reach.  A well-documented wrongful death claim can bring financial relief.

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

You cannot undo the harm done by a motorcycle accident but you can find courage and resources to move forward.

For a free case evaluation, contact Buck Rogers Law and request a consultation at your location, in one of our Atlanta offices or by video conference. Call 404-999-2737 or email us. We are ready to start investigating your motorcycle crash case.