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The countless benefits of trucking technology

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Truck Accidents

With a pandemic practically in the rear-view mirror, the trucking industry is setting records in the number of truckers, their trips, and the cargo they are carrying. Freeways, highways, and city streets nationwide are filled with these large vehicles.

With that growth comes the increased likelihood of accidents. Recent studies reveal that trucking accidents have increased by 33 percent over the past decade. Striking a balance between efficiency and safety presents challenges.

Cutting-edge safety systems

One possible solution is the growing sophistication of cutting-edge technology used in these 18-wheelers and the potential decrease in accidents combined with an increase in efficiency.

Last year saw more than 21,000 disruptions in the supply chain, impacting an already stressed logistic industry. The problem trickled down to trucking companies, resulting in many closing up their operations.

Cutting-edge systems can play an essential role in tracking new and seasoned drivers to ensure safety comes first, and breakdowns are the exception, not the rule:

  • Once overlooked, real-time location tracking to predict possible disruptions is a way to provide fleet management “eyes” to see each truck.’ The data is available to customers receiving real-time updates. Truckers receiving that information can look at various options in planning more efficient routes.
  • Nothing impacts efficiency more than a truck that suffers unexpected problems. Predictive maintenance combines Internet of Things (IoT) with artificial intelligence to predict the need for maintenance to stem the possibility of breakdowns. The technology can also set up predictive models to improve upkeep routines.
  • Workforce shortages continue to plague trucking. Fleet managers who may hire drivers with limited experience can have the option of real-time information while the operator is on the road. Signs of significant braking, turning corners too quickly, and speeding can be easily identified and provide training opportunities. Ignition interlocks are also helpful in identifying potential dangers and harmful behavior behind the wheel.

With improved efficiency and safety combined with tracking technology, transportation companies, truck drivers, and the vehicles they share the road with can travel with a better sense of security.