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Car accident victims can recover compensatory damages

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Auto Accidents

If you are one of the thousands of Georgia residents suffering from injuries after an accident, you should consider filing a lawsuit against the parties responsible for your accident. If your lawsuit is successful, you may be able to recover compensatory damages to replace the financial losses you suffered in the accident.

Here are some compensatory damages you may recover.

Medical expenses

The more serious your auto accident was, the more likely you are to have accumulated thousands of dollars in medical bills. The compensation you receive may cover:

  • Ambulance expenses
  • Medical treatments and procedure
  • Future medical treatment and procedures
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical equipment

Lost wages

Accident victims are often unable to work as they recover from their injuries. Damages may cover the wages lost due to accident-related injuries.

Loss of earning capacity

Additionally, if the accident victim suffers more long-term and serious injuries, they may never be able to return to the job they held or the type of work they did before the accident. As a result, they may be entitled to damages for the loss of earning capacity. A jury will have to estimate how much the victim would have earned in the future if they had not suffered any injury.

In addition to compensatory damages, accident victims can also recover non-compensatory damages for pain and suffering and other non-financial losses. A personal injury attorney in the Atlanta area can help you file your claim and recover the compensation you deserve after an accident.