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Emotional trauma just as common as physical trauma after a crash

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Car crashes happen every day. Indeed, when we look at auto accident statistics, they happen every minute of every day. They are just as ubiquitous as Atlanta, Georgia, cars themselves, and while we often focus on the physical traumas that result, there are also emotional traumas that are just as common.

Common for everyone

Everyone who is hit by another Atlanta, Georgia, car is shocked, even if it is a minor fender bender. Then, depending on the severity, you will have trouble believing that you were just hit. You may also feel nervous, worry, fear, restlessness and a myriad of other immediate emotions. However, for most people, those emotions will pass quickly.

What about for those where the emotions do not pass quickly?

For those who experience emotional trauma after a car accident that does not pass quickly or within the next few days after the car accident, the symptoms can progress. Indeed, without medical intervention and treatment, your emotional trauma can become much worse and begin to impact your everyday life.

Post-traumatic stress

As symptoms get worse, you may experience post-traumatic stress. These symptoms could include severe irritability, excessive worry and anger. You could also develop anxiety to such an extent that you lose your ability to drive or even be around cars or roadways. You may find that you continually replay the car accident in your head where you have issues fighting restlessness and trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep as nightmares plague your dreams. These symptoms will not end by themselves.


First, after all Atlanta, Georgia, car crashes, you should seek medical treatment. If you notice emotional trauma, tell your medical providers. They can make referrals to mental health providers and examine you for traumatic brain injuries as well. Plus, your attorney can make sure that you receive compensation for your additional emotional health treatment.