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Change to Georgia’s truck weight law could increase accident risk

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Trucks are a critical part of the economy in many ways. The industry provides jobs and transports goods across the nation. These large vehicles are a common sight on Georgia roads as they travel in and through the Peach State. Safety is always a concern.

There are rules in place to enhance safety. One centers on the amount of weight the trucks can carry. Recently, the General Assembly has debated whether it should increase the limit for some trucks. This is stoking fear that truck accidents can be more severe with a greater chance of injury and death. Those sharing the road with large trucks should be up to date on this proposal.

Heavier trucks viewed as a double-edged sword

If the bill passes, some trucks could increase their load by as much as 4,000 pounds. Entities viewing it as a positive include advocates for businesses and truckers. It could benefit them financially with staffing, labor and fuel costs.

On the opposite side are those who believe this will negatively impact roads, leading to greater costs for repair and maintenance. Infrastructure does not accommodate large trucks in many areas, so they would need to find alternate routes, adding to the distances they travel and raising the risk of auto accidents. If a truck is heavier, the force of a collision will be greater, possibly inflicting more damage.

Regarding accidents, there has already been a rise in fatal commercial vehicle crashes in the state in the past five years. In 2018, there were 188 fatalities. For 2022, that increased to 256. This was an increase of 36%.

Trucks are already known for safety problems, as shown by the crackdown in May of 2022. One-quarter of trucks that were inspected were removed from service for brake problems, insufficient tiers and more. It is believed that allowing trucks to carry more weight could add to the danger.

Truck accidents are a persistent challenge and people will need help

Whether the change to truck weight limits passes or not, people must still be fully aware of the chance of a truck accident. After a truck crash, the medical care, inability to work and personal obstacles can seem endless. It is vital to know how to recover in every way. Having caring, experienced assistance is key.

Truck accidents can happen to anyone without warning, regardless of their age, education, employment and station in life. Investigating how and why it happened, gathering evidence and taking the necessary action is imperative. Calling for counsel and guidance is a crucial first step.