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Georgia’s Dram Shop law offers additional recovery

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | Dram Shop Act

Drunk driving accidents on Georgia’s roads too often leave people seriously injured or dead.

These sorts of accidents frequently involve flagrantly poor driving behavior, like wrong-way driving, speeding, drifting into traffic or running a traffic light or stop sign.

These collision often occur at high speeds, making it more likely that innocent victims will suffer catastrophic and costly injuries.

Drunk drivers should be the first to pay compensation to their victims. Drinking and driving is both totally unacceptable and very dangerous. Most drivers know this, and if they choose to ignore the dangers, they should pay the price of the damage they cause.

However, many times victims will discover that the drunk driver which hurt them has no means to pay their bills. They may also carry minimal insurance.

Atlanta-area residents in this situation should not give up hope. Other alternatives for recovery are available to them.

In the right circumstances, for example, they can hold the person or establishment which served the drunk driver alcohol legally responsible for their part in the tragedy.

Georgia’s Dram Shop Act requires people to use care when serving alcohol

Bars, restaurants, and even private residents throwing a party have some responsibility to serve alcohol carefully.

Georgia’s Dram Shop Act requires those serving alcohol not to knowingly or willfully serve people under drinking age or who are visibly drunk.

If they do, and if they are aware that the person will be driving soon, they may have to pay compensation to innocent victims if the person causes a wreck.

The Dram Shop Act does have its limits. Bars and restaurants, for example, do not have to give breathalyzers or take other proactive steps to prevent drunk driving. They just cannot keep serving a person who is obviously drunk.

With respect to minors, most of the time, it is sufficient if a bar or restaurant is checking identification.

Private landowners also have some additional protection in that they have to know and agree to alcohol service.

Georgia’s Dram Shop Act may not help every victim of a drunk driver. However, it is still worth exploring it as a possible way for a victim to get the compensation they need and deserve.