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Is negligent security to blame for your injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Negligent Security

While a holiday favorite gives us the idea that an elaborate system of tricks and traps will keep the bad guys out, the reality is that these personal security measures pose great risks to anyone coming to the property. Whether it is a high-tech security system with alarms and cameras or an accompaniment of security personal, if proper security is lacking or failed, this could present liability issues in matters where an individual is harmed on the premises.

Negligent security

Even when a property is deemed safe for patrons to be on, holes in the property’s security could lead to serious injuries or even death following a physical assault. The level of safety a property has is often in control of the property owner or manager, which is why the legal team at Buck Rogers Law will thoroughly explore the role they might have played in the injury or death suffered. Negligent security might be the cause.

Determining liability

When understanding if negligent security was the cause or contributed to the incident, our law firm will go beyond determining if surveillance camera, security guards and other security provisions were in place. Negligent security could relate to the failure of a property owner or manager to act.

If a security system was down, a camera did not work, there are blind spots, security personnel were not providing proper surveillance or there are known risks of violence in the area, our law firm will question whether this was known. If these conditions were known and the property owner or manager failed to correct them or take action, this could indicate liability.

Premises liability action

Those harmed on the property of another due to negligent security could file a premises liability action. This civil suit seeks to prove liability for the harm suffered and provides compensation for the injuries and damages suffered. These matters are not always clear and can be unique and complex. As such, it is important to understand your legal rights and options so you can take timely and assertive action.