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Where to find evidence for your dram shop case

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2024 | Dram Shop Act

A drunk driving accident can strip you of the life that you once knew. You anger, frustration, and pain and suffering can be a motivating force, driving you to seek accountability for the harm that’s been caused to you.

To get the most out of your drunk driving personal injury claim, you should consider whether the Dram Shop Act applies. If it does, then you could hold the business who served alcohol to the drunk driver accountable, giving you access to a deeper pool of resources.

Where can you gather evidence to support your dram shop case?

While a successful dram shop case can provide you with the financial support you need, compelling evidence is necessary to win on your claim. Here’s where you might be able to find that persuasive evidence:

  • Witness accounts that illustrate how much the driver had to drink and their behavior at the time they were served their last drink.
  • Surveillance video that captures the driver’s demeanor at the business, which can help establish a timeline of the last drink served to them as well as whether they were intoxicated when the establishment continued to serve them.
  • Receipts from the business that help show how many drinks were purchased and when they were purchased.
  • Expert testimony that can help demonstrate the driver’s blood alcohol content both at the time of the accident and at the time they were last served an alcoholic beverage.
  • Documentation regarding the business’s training and policies surrounding responsible alcohol service, or lack thereof.

Be aggressive in your dram shop case

Your dram shop case can have a profound impact on your future. Therefore, aggressively pursuing your claim may be necessary to protect your recovery and your interests. So, if you think the Dram Shop Act might apply to your case, carefully think through how you can build the persuasive case you need on your side.