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Rule changes could let more younger truck drivers hit the road

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Truck Accidents

There is always a significant number of trucks on the Georgia roads. An incident involving a truck can cause long-lasting and extensive problems to those in smaller vehicles or who are not protected by a vehicle at all. Fortunately, most truckers adhere to the law, are serious about their jobs and make sure they are operating their rigs as safely as possible. Still, dangers are inherent.

While there are many potential catalysts for a collision including speeding, driving under the influence, distraction and drowsiness, inexperience is often understated as a reason why they happen. Since there has been growing difficulty in finding truckers, rule changes have allowed younger drivers to take to the road. This could be problematic for safety and people need to be aware of it.

Under-21 program for truckers is undergoing changes

A program from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in which drivers who are under the age of 21 can become apprentices is being changed with certain groups concerned about the safety aspect. Congress has ordered that these drivers will not need to have an inward-facing camera installed on the vehicle they are driving. This could lend itself to a variety of risky activities.

The change was made with the FMCSA detailing what the new rules entail. In addition to the cameras no longer being a requirement, there will not be a requirement for Registered Apprenticeship registration. The objective of the program was to increase the number of available truckers. For truckers to cross state lines, they must be at least 21. To drive within a state, they must be 18.

The relaxing of the rules is meant to reduce the shortfall in available drivers. Concerns with younger drivers include the lack of training, their natural inexperience and the greater statistical likelihood of drivers 19 to 20 having an accident when compared to older drivers. They have six times the chance of being in a fatal collision.

Younger truckers add a layer of concern for safety

If there are younger truckers on the road, it is reasonable to be fearful that they will behave in ways that cause dangerous situations or make mistakes that can cause a crash. Adding this to the other common reasons for truck accidents and people can face massive consequences in every conceivable way. Assessing the accident, determining how it happened and knowing what options are available is a vital part of effectively moving forward.